1/31/2012 Head Gasket

Since school started again, I have not done much. I have been accumulating parts, including seat covers, interior panels (I scrapped the ones I made), and trim pieces for re-assembly. I also got the radiator hose parts I needed from eBay and got my coolant system back together, and filled. The plan was to get the car running so I can move it around and make painting easier. Unfortunately, the head gasket I bought was part of a kit, made in the U.K. of unknown brand. Apparently these cars have an issue with cylinder head gaskets "weeping" from the distributor side and the only cure is to replace the cylinder head studs and use a "Payen" head gasket. Overtorquing the head doesn't help and encourages cracking. After some shopping around, I found a full stud set for a little over $100, and new Payen gasket set for $55. Once they arrive, I'll make a weekend project out of it before I try to start it. It'll be worth the effort to know it has been done correctly and will hold up for the long term.

As the picture shows, I've been able to hook up most of the hoses and controls for throttle and choke. The heater will be hooked up later. At this point, I'm trying to get the car to move under its own power, since the driveway is a steep hill.

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