10/16/11 Reassembly

In between higher priorities, I try to take a little time in between to move forward. In my effort to get this car together, I ground and rewelded my prior welds on the exhaust header. I think I'm better at welding since the first try and this time it's solid, leak free and decent looking. Afterwards, I sprayed the whole thing with paint which is supposed to last up to 1200 degrees. We'll see.

In the last couple of weeks, I was able to re-install the clutch and brake master cylinder assembly, and re-install the pedals. All that is left is to bleed the brakes, the clutch is bled already.

The distributor was cleaned up and re-installed.

The steering rack was re-installed and the front wheels aligned about as could as I could do by eye. It should be good enough to get it to an alignment shop.

The last bit of work has been re-routing the fuse box and all wiring into the car from the engine compartment. Electrics (Lucas especially) are better off in the relatively dry interior than in the engine bay, subjected to water and heat. Later on this wiring will be cleaned up and arranged nicely with a new fuse box for safety. Just getting it inside the car and keeping things organized is enough for me, for now. Next up will be to install the exhaust and intake manifolds, and the carbs and associated cables. A little at a time.

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