7/19/11 Engine Installation

Well I have been working a little bit but have been stopped in my tracks. The last week has not been good in any shape or form. As a matter of fact it probably rates the #1 worst week in a long time. Unemployment, broken car windows, DSL down for 6 days in a ROW, and a stepson in the hospital all made for a stressful week. So, for a little instant gratification (not to mention work space and in the interest of keeping it out of harms way) I decided to drop the engine back in the bay. There it can be wrapped in plastic and not be bumped or scratched. The plan worked out fine, I bought new hardware and dropped it in. Up and down a few times to get everything lined up but nothing out of the ordinary. The engine mounts are all the way FORWARD of the engine, so it must be supported in the back. Since the transmission was all buttoned up I was going to install that, put in the crossmember and DONE.

But the curse of this week got me again. The little plastic breather on top of the transmission cracked off. So… everything grinds to a halt. I don't believe I could install it if the transmission is in the car so now I have to wait for that. It was good for a few British expletives though… I had to go out the internet and find a few.. so I yelled "Bullocks!".. didn't make me feel better.. "Rubbish!.." nothing. Turns out British curse words aren't much fun so I went to some old American English standby and continued on my way :)

I cleaned up the garage a bit and will get back to bodywork I suppose until I can button that up. At least I'll have some time to paint the crossmember before installation.

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