6/30/11 Winding down the body work...

Today I ground down the welds from yesterday's repairs. After that, with hammer and dolly I flattened out the area, straightened the crease a little where it bends at the edge of the fender and put a thin coat of filler. Sanding with 40 grit on the flat board exposed a little bit of filler beyond the repair so I'm sanding through both to get the most original contour of the fender. I left off with another thin skim of filler, most of which will be sanded off the next time I work on the car.

After sanding this repair with the board, there was a high spot between the two weld repairs that probably warped while welding. I gently tapped it flat with a hammer and dolly using a straightedge as reference. When the straightedge was flat, I put another skim coat which will be sanded back to the door contour next time.

The front left marker light filler was sanded back and revealed a slight low spot. A thin coat of filler here as well will be sanded back to flat next time.

The amount of body work left (painted body work that is…) is the bottom of the driver's door and dog leg behind that. Hopefully I can knock that out and get everything roughed in over the three day weekend. If so, I should be able to paint before the first week in August.

Metal work will remain in the wheel wells and floors, this work can all be done later.

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