1/4/2010 Update and memories...

During and since the holidays, I have been taking a break on the car, but still keeping busy. After working on a few projects on the floor, I decided it was time to build a work area and storage area to replace the shelving that was taking up so much room. Here's what I have so far, I plan on putting cabinet doors to hide everything, adding lighting and getting everything put up.

Also I logged into our old computer today for the first time in a while, and stumbled upon this little internet jewel of my past. This is a website that I put together in 1999 or 2000 outlining what I was working on and driving at the time. The Datsun pictures inspire me to get working on this car!!

Check it out HERE!

I ordered new needles for the SU carbs, which are coming from Great Britian. I am hoping that they are thicker than what is in there now, to help lean out the carbs. I also located repro window cranks on eBay brand new. I don't need them RIGHT now, but I will need them and the price was right. I also found marketing material from the dealership for my year of car so I bought that too! I was able to get a media blaster today, and once I find the media, I will blast the rims, and re-spray the Rostyles to look original. So there are a few things pending. Hopefully this weekend I can finish my cabinets and concentrate on the car again.

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