6/5/11 Engine Compartment

Today I stripped out the rest of the engine compartment. I used the wire wheel to remove some surface rust. I located where the glass bowl fuel filter will be mounted, drilled the holes and welded nuts to the back side of the wheel well for the mount.

The heater valve was mounted today, I purchased the correct bolt for the waterpump and put that in, then I installed the pulleys and fan with new hardware. The oil pan was installed with correct gaskets.

The engine compartment and transmission crossmember were degreased. There's still work to do on both.

The front support was stripped completely of the cheap paint and rust, as well as the "Kent Camshafts" sticker.

Coil mount and glass bowl fuel filter mount have been cleaned with the wire wheel, degreased and painted.

Front view of engine, which is coming along nicely.

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