5/23/11 Engine Reassembly and Prep

Wow, lots of progress today because of all of the prep lately. Started off today by installing the back plate with the new rear main seal installed and a new gasket coated on both sides with gasket spray for a nice seal. Once the back plate was re-installed, the engine was mounted on the engine stand.

Next the front plate was re-installed, followed by timing gears, and tensioner. Front cover was then installed. Next step was the head which was carefully lowered down over the studs and pushrods and torqued down to 55ft/lbs in sequence.

Finally, all holes were capped off, spark plug holes, coolant, intake/exhaust and dipstick. A thorough cleaning with a toothbrush and lacquer thinner to remove any lingering oil residue and then a couple of coats of etching primer to ensure that the final coat sticks well.

Tomorrow, I think I'll leave it alone, let that primer dry real good and make sure that the primer doesn't lift anywhere. The plan is to spray the engine assembly, oil pan and rocker cover on Wednesday. It will then be set aside and left alone for at least a week when I return from my trip to Las Vegas.

One thing that annoys me about most of the MGB's I see with the emissions equipment removed is that they leave the bracket on the thermostat housing. Easily removed, I started with my sawzall and cut the majority of it off. Next was the bench grinder to get the general shape. Next was the grinding wheel on the angle grinder and then finished off with a sanding disc on the same angle grinder. I probably have 20 minutes invested in this change but it's the little things that hopefully will make the car nice.

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