5/16/11 Engine Work

Things are moving along quickly. Over the last couple of days, I have wire wheel and stripped the oil pan, front cover, lifter covers and the valve cover. These parts have all been primed and are ready for paint. The fan which is yellow plastic was stripped of it's flaking black paint and repainted the original yellow cover because the yellow plastic was permanently stained. The water pump pulley was stripped, wire wheeled, primed and painted black. The coil which has an outer aluminum cover was buffed to a high gloss.

Tonight I disassembled the head and found the first damaged engine components: The valve seals. Since the gasket sets I purchased didn't include any SEALS, I'll order valve stem seals tonight along with the front and rear crank seals and some various other rubber seals which the kits don't include.

If you look at the valve train on the top of the tool box, the valves on the right (which are for cylinder 1 & 2) have had the carbon removed and the valves have been lapped in the head. All of the exhaust ports have been cleaned of all carbon along with all four cylinders in the head. The next "session" will involve removing the carbon from the remaining valves, lapping them and cleaning the entire head inside and out, preparing for paint.

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