5/12/11 Engine Cleaning

Today, I removed the rest of the engine parts that I wanted to remove, including the pushrods and lifters, oil filter bracket, front cover, crank pulley and engine mount brackets. Then I spent a few hours degreasing the engine. After all of the grease was removed, I used a straight razor to clean all of the gasket surfaces.

All of the engine parts were ordered today including the two gasket sets, a replacement engine mounting bracket that's cracked, a block off plate for a coolant pipe that went to the automatic choke for the original carb, a new thermostat, freeze plugs and finally some valve cover chrome nuts which are completely unnecessary but should look nicely.

The engine compartment was cleaned out on the passenger side, wiring harness removed and pushed aside, coil removed, carbon canister and washer fluid reservoir removed. Oil cooler and hoses were removed from the front of the engine compartment.

Next up will be removing the remainder of the engine compartment items to begin to prep for paint. Honestly its nice to NOT be doing bodywork, as that's my least favorite part of working on cars.

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