12/27/2009 Tuning, polishing and inspecting.

The first order of the day today was to get the carbs tuned. The car has been running very rich. I removed the dampers from the carburettors and realized that I had tuned them to full rich, when I thought I was at full lean. I turned them to all the way lean, and while I had the dampers off I gave them a good polish. While the carbs are now very SHINY, they are still running rich. So... I have to check and see if the needles are worn or possibly the wrong ones. We'll see. I also gave the engine a good degreasing.. I thought all of the wires were black! But after a strong degreaser, the colors can be seen clearly.

Next I checked the brakes that my wife helped me bleed the other day. The pedal went straight to the floor and the reservior was EMPTY! I pulled off all four wheels looking for leaks everywhere but nothing. I pulled the vacuum from the booster and found all of the fluid. It leaked back behind the seals and filled up the vacuum booster. I pulled it out, it's marked as a rebuilt unit... So I'll have to see what Im going to do there. Im not sure if I'll be able to rebuild this one.

On Christmas, while my dad was home, we checked into the alternator wiring. We traced down the wires and hooked them up correctly (we thought) and voila! The alternator was charging the battery, and the alternator light worked. Unfortunately even when the ignition is off, the alternator light stays on... So that's disconnected again for now.

While the wheels were off the car I took this opportunity to inspect everything I could see. Well, lets put it this way. Pretty much everything needs to be repaired or replaced. The right tie rod is loose, the bushings all around are completely shot, the subframe is loose and hangs off of the car. The shocks are very weak. So, I'll be spending tonight on the websites pricing out rebuild kits for everything on the front end of the car.

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