4/3/11 Dog Leg Outer Panel

After getting motivated at the british car show in Orlando, I got home and got back to work. Within an hour I had the outer panel welded on. While I have a few touch ups, Im pleased with the results. I have the welder on a setting that Im happy with, I was patient and moved around the panel. Moving around keeps any one place from getting too hot and warping the panel. After the touch ups and final grinding I'll be ready to finish up.

After I got the panel to this point, I removed what I thought would be the outer part of the Bondo surrounding the area I repaired. What I found however was thick Bondo with fiberglass underneath covering up holes that someone drilled to attach a slide hammer to remove a dent. I began welding up those holes but ran out of time right there. Im going to try to get more of the dent out, grind down my welds and skim coat with filler.

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