12/19/2010 Interior Panels.

I decided to switch gears a little and start working on the interior panels. Panel kits are expensive, and this is a budget project... so, I bought lauan plywood which is stronger and more resistant to moisture than the masonite that was used originally. I did have ONE kick panel in the front and used that as a template for both sides. I cut them out, contact cemented a thin foam to each panel and then contact cemented a black vinyl to the foam. Wrapped and stapled and VOILA! Front kick panels.

Next comes the door panels. I haven't started cutting the wood but did re-wrap the first top panel of the door panel. Before and after:

There are no rear panels in the car so I used this cardboard to make a template. I will transfer this shape onto the same board, cut them out and use the same process I used for the kick panels to create these back panels.

More to come....

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