6/14/2010 Upper Trunnion 3, Bob 0

Actually it should be Upper Trunnion 3, Bob -1, but I'll get to that shortly. So I went and bought a 12 ton press for all of my pressing needs. I came home, put it together and ran right over to get my spindle to press off that pesky trunnion and get back to WORK. BUT. The spindle didn't fit between the I-beams on the press. After CLOSE inspection, I found that if I could grind off the lip holding the trunnion/king pin to the spindle, I could slide the spindle out and work on it by itself. So I take to grinding off the lip. I wear latex gloves to protect my hands while grinding. The glove got caught between the "safety" cover of the grinder and the grinding wheel. Hence the Bob -1. As in the car has beat me 3 times and all I have to show for it is 1/2 of an index finger. Lovely.

After I got my finger wrapped up, my other nine fingers and I took to grinding off the rest of that lip (after removal of said "safety" cover). Luckily my idea worked and the trunnion separated from the spindle. Feast your eyes:

So now all I have to do is press out that stub and we're off to the races, right? Wrong. 12 tons of hydraulic pressure with a Mapp gas torch blasting on it and not even a slight movement. It didn't budge. You can see how much force was on it that the I-beams were actually bending. I took a picture because otherwise I wouldn't believe it myself:

I don't know where to go from here, I think I'm going to try to disassemble the other side and start making (another) list of parts to order. Before this thing kills me. Or claims another digit.

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