4/5/2010 Practice Welding.

I wanted to do my first welding where it wouldn't be very obvious. The tab that holds the support strut for the trunk (boot) had broken off, but luckily the previous owner held onto it. Somehow it was RIPPED off of the car leaving 3 holes where the spot welds pulled away. The first order of business was to clean the area to be welded.

Then I ground the old welds off of the tab to be reattached. Cleanliness is the key.

Finally I clamped the piece on and welded a little at a time as to not burn any holes. I did burn a little but after a little practice I got the feel for it and was able to get good penetration. The guy who taught me how to weld would have teased me and called this bubble gum. I'd have to agree but it's a start, and very strong. Just not pretty.

After some grinding and cleaning it up it looks okay. A few small touch ups, a final grinding and maybe a touch of filler and hopefully you won't be able to tell anything was done here. The idea here is to keep filler to a bare minimum. If I can continue to weld and grind away the extra, I'll be able to accomplish what I want to.

My parts that I ordered are still backordered so my car is still rolling around on dollies. I'm looking forward to getting this front end put back together and get the car back on it's wheels. Stay tuned for more updates on suspension work!

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