3/23/2010 Odds and ends.

In the last week, I've unpacked and assembled my new wire feed welder, and did a little practicing on scrap metal. It's been years since I've welded anything and even when I did weld, I was pretty good at burning holes in things. So I practiced filling some holes and to make life easier I ordered a copper bar used for that very purpose. It should be here this week and acts as a backer to fill the hole and a heat sink to stop burning holes. Even without the copper I got a hang of it and feel pretty good about it.

I ordered the king pin kits and the rest of the parts necessary to re-assemble the front end. I still have some blasting and painting to do, I still have to drop the crossmember for cleaning and painting as well. The car won't be on it's front wheels again for some time, but now I can move forward and cut the old king pins to get them out.

Lastly, I finally got my supplies to make the following:

These are available for sale for $100.00 each to help support the restoration effort. Free shipping. HA!

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