10/10/2015 What a beautiful day for... a tow.

Every year, our British car club does a group trip down to Islamorada for lunch. It's approximately sixty miles each way. We meet briefly at Florida City, and head down as a group. The trip back is not so organized - everyone tends to head back on their own. Unfortunately, that's where we had our issue. On the way back, traveling approximately fifty-five miles per hour, the tread broke loose from the left rear tire. The tire did not completely blow out, but it was not driveable. The spare was flat, and I don't have a jack. The tow truck took three hours to arrive. Thanks to a very friendly Florida Highway Patrol officer, we waiting in his air conditioned cruiser. When we got home, I discovered the damage to the quarter panel. A project for another day.

The following week, I had all new tires installed. While at it, I replaced both rear slave cylinders, brake shoes and brake hardware because one of the slave cylinders was leaking.

I also chased down a clunking noise in the rear end to loose U-bolts holding the rear axle to the leaf springs. After re-torquing the bolts, the sound completely went away. It seems that the new U-bolts stretched a bit after the installation.

Back on the road again.

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