9/26/2015 MGB in London!

While traveling in London, I was surprised to find an MG dealership! MG is producing cars in the Midlands again, and this time they are exporting primarily to China - which is unusual. They are also paying homage to the past, by selling items with the old logos and pictures of the original MG's - including the BMC and British Leyland days. Very cool. The gold MGF in the showroom was the 1,500,000 MG produced. Queen Elizabeth II actually sat in that car for an event, where Cristian was sitting in the photos. The guy in the dealership was super nice and we chatted for a little while about the older MG's and my project car. I bought a nice frame with all of the different MG emblems used from the beginning to the most recent. It also had some posters of the original MG's. The salesman said we could see the electric MG imported to the US as soon as 2017!!

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