6/6/2014 Rear Suspension

One part of the car that I have done very little with was the rear suspension. The only work I had done was to replace the U-Bolts since one was broken. But, the rear suspension had a very bad squeaking sound, and you could visually see the bushings were shot. Also, since the front was lowered to "chrome bumper" height and the back was not, it did look a little high in the back.

I purchased urethane bushings and the lowering kit. I also purchased new shackles and pivot bolts for the front spring mounts. My objective was to do this job without completely removing the rear axle because I did not want to remove the brake lines (again) or the drive shaft. I was able to remove (or break) most of the bolts with no issue, except for the front pivot mounting bolts for the springs, which install through a metal sleeve. The bolt was rusted to the sleeve, so even with the nut removed it would not budge. It took about an hour to cut through each bolt twice, once on each side.

Removal was the hard part. Cleaning, repainting, and re-installing should be straightforward but probably messy.

Before the front pivot bolts were cut out.

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