1/20/2013 New Carbs, Alternator Mounting, Washer Bottle, Carbon Canister and Radiator Overflow.

Over the last few days, I installed the carbon canister and washer bottle. I plumbed in two of the three pipes for the canister, the third one I need to purchase a new hose because the original was brittle. The washer bottle got a good scrubbing and went back in with the newly painted bracket and new hardware.

The alternator installed in the car is non-original AC Delco for reliability. It has never worked right. I converted it to one wire and changed all of the bearings, but it whined from the start and blew itself up in about 15 minutes. So, I've had enough of trying to get this alternator to work, so I've ordered a new, one wire alternator.

The alternator was mounted to the cast aluminum piece for the original alternator and on the bottom with a steel arm to tension the belt. This put extra stress on the cast aluminum top mount as the car hit bumps and the alternator wanted to move front-to-back. To remedy this, I re-installed the rear original alternator bracket for the Lucas alternator to the block. I bought a five inch bolt, and a short galvanized pipe. I cut the galvanized pipe to snugly fit the gap between the alternator and the rear mount. I put the five inch bolt through the whole thing and tightened it up. The back mount prevents any front-to-back movement and makes the water pump mount just a pivot. This should reduce most of the stress to that mount and prevent it from cracking.

The rebuilt carbs were installed. Everything went great until I realized the new ones don't have the vacuum port for the distributor. Since it ran so good before with ported vacuum, and I didn't want to mess with a good thing by using manifold vacuum, I decided to drill the port. I wormed the old vacuum nipple out of the old carb. Then, starting with my smallest drill bit, I worked my way up to the size needed for the vacuum nipple. Finally I put the carb in the vice and gently tapped it in. Perfect. Re-installed the carbs and I've been tuning them with the Gunson Colortune, the tuning posts on the carb and by ear. Once I get the new alternator installed, I can continue perfecting. I also adjusted the chokes to work properly, the were adjusted wrong before.

Finally the overflow tank for the radiator was installed, using an older MGB windshield washer bottle, adapted bracket, some hose and a brass elbow. I modified the cap to accept the elbow, then ran a tube down into the bottle and the other end to the radiator. This will collect any excess coolant and suck coolant into the radiator as the car cools off. So far so good.

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