8/25/2012 Convertible Top and Fasteners

Well school has started again, meaning my free time is practically ZERO. Still, I have a few projects that we pending, and make the car usable. So... I took some time to try to knock them out. Job number one was to install the new convertible top. I had left the whole assembly off of the car, thinking it would need to be off to replace the vinyl top. I was wrong, the frame needs to be installed on the car. So, I cleaned it up and with six screws, the top went back on. The old top was then peeled off rather easily. The new top was attached at the back and then stretched over the top. Contact adhesive attaches the top the the header rail. I used the adhesive in the center first to set the placement, and then moved out from the center on each side. This way took longer but allowed for easier placement. Once the top was glued all the way across, the extra material was folded under and glued. Finally, the metal retaining strip was re-attached to the header panel. I left it that way, with only a few screws, and cementing the rail to the back of the top remaining to complete the installation. Preparation for Tropical Storm Issac has brought work to a standstill.

I also ordered new wing (fender) fasteners for aesthetic and useful purposes. They look nice, BUT they also prevent water from dripping into the engine compartment. A few other things were a new turn signal lens to replace a cracked one and a shiny new MG emblem for the newly painted front bumper.

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