8/11/2012 Tuning.

I discovered that when I sit down in the car, the idle drops and then recovers. I started shaking the car and it practically stalled. As soon as I stop moving, the idle recovers. My initial thought was the carburettor floats needed adjustment. I removed the carbs, took them apart and corrected the float level (one was WAY off). Reassembled everything and started the car but the issue persists. I searched on YouTube for the UniversityMotorsLTD videos which are extremely helpful even when you don't know what you're looking for. I did find out that the platinum spark plugs I've been running which came new with the car are not optimal, so I swapped them out for NGK standard plugs. I also replaced the 20 weight oil suggested by some MG websites with 80 weight oil as recommended by the videos, which should richen the mixture on acceleration and hopefully help with my hesitation issue. As far as the car stumbling when it shakes, I'm going to look to the fuel tank to see if there is an issue with the pickup tube.

All of the electrical connections are completed, and the only thing left to do with the electrics is to mount the new fuse box to the passenger side foot well. In the future, I'll convert the head light circuits to relays. Other upcoming projects are to clean and polish the passenger side door sill and install it, remove the rear axle to replace the U-bolts to replace the one broken bolt and install the polyurethane pads. While the axle is out, the axle seal will be replaced and the thrust washers will be installed to take the play out of the rear axle. There are some other small parts to install as time permits, and the front bumper needs to be adjusted 1/4 inch to the left.

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