5/30/2012 In Primer...

Yesterday, I wanted to spray the car with the primer/sealer I purchased a few months ago, to eliminate the fine scratches before paint. I got everything ready and mixed the paint according to the instructions. As I poured it into the gun, the paint coagulated, making a total mess, clogging up the gun and ruining eventually the whole batch of paint. I was less than happy.

Today, I went to the new paint supplier who supplied my paint last time and bought epoxy primer. I came home and worked out more of the scratches with spot putty because the new primer is not a filler primer. After my helper helped me sand and sand and sand, I sprayed the first coat of epoxy primer. This highlighted the good and the bad but overall things look real good. Tomorrow I will be touching up some scratches that I missed with spot putty and then spot painting those areas. After that, a full coat front to back of epoxy primer before the final paint this weekend. The goal is perfection, although realistically, I'll expect to find some blemishes when it's out in the sun.

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