5/25/2012 Junkyard and Seat.

Because I wanted a break from body work, I removed the driver's seat yesterday, to reskin the seat with the new vinyl seat covers I bought some time back. This morning I was off from work, the weather was perfect, and so I decided to go to the junk yard to find some things that I need. I went with a list of things I needed and came home with some other things...

I found the seat lever that I was missing and screws to attach both. I also found the door card clips, door linkage clips, a volt gauge from a Lotus (more on that in a second), a pair of later SU carbs from an MGB-GT and a VW hub cap for the wall of my garage. There were a few amazing cars there, see the following pics.

Lotus ELITE. Body sitting next to the frame. Note the inboard rear brakes, completely independent frame, twin cam engine, and independent suspension. The body is made of fiberglass. Maybe not the prettiest car, but very rare and interesting. Only about 2500 of these cars made, a premium British saloon car. The seat on the ground in front of the frame came out of an MGB-GT.

Another rare car was this MGC roadster. The engine and badges were missing from the car, but the radiator support and tortion bar front suspension with regular telescopic shocks give away this car's true identity. Thoroughly stripped, there was not much left to take from this car. Only about 4500 of these cars were made. This one was beyond repair.

This MGB-GT from 1973 yielded the most useable parts for me. I was able to get the seat lever I needed, the aluminum sill plates were in great shape and luckily whoever pulled the engine left the SU carbs in the Dodge sitting next to it. (I always look in the adjacent cars to see what people toss over their shoulders). In this case I got a pair of carbs with tight throttle pivots and clean looking chambers. I was also able to get the spare tire hold down.

The following three pictures are before, during, and after seat re-skinning. The second picture below was taken by my five year son, Cristian.

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