1/17/2010 Chokes and brake works

I had a productive weekend. I read somewhere that the biggest cause of the car running rich was bad seals in the choke. First I removed the carbs (again) and rebuilt the choke assemblies. The rebuild kits I had included the choke parts. Because I was afraid the bolts might break, I left them alone. When I did disassemble them however it was clear that the O-rings were SHOT. I didn't take pictures because you really couldn't tell without touching them but they were hard, brittle and shrunk and cracked. Popped them off, cleaned the choke mechanism and reassembled with the new gaskets. While I had the carbs out, I put the new needles in that I finally got from England. While the profile looked exactly the same, hopefully there was some benefit to the purchase.

Next I turned my focus to the new brake master cylinder I bought online. Luckily it was the correct part. While I had the master cylinder and brake booster out, I removed the mounting bracket and removed all of the rust and gave it all a coat of paint. While the green is not the correct green, it'll do until it all gets taken apart again for welding, body work and final paint under the hood.
I bled the brakes (and clutch hydraulics since they came out too) and had a hard pedal.

Before and after.

Time to fire her up! Crank crank crank... nothing. Long story short, the car had no gas in it. Put 5 gallons of clean 93 Octane gas in, bled the fuel pump to get fuel up to the carbs, and nothing. The car was seeping so much gas through the chokes that it was leaned all the way out. I adjusted the carbs richer, pulled the choke and voila! It ran albeit very lean, and the lowest I could get it to idle was 2500 RPM. After 30-45 minutes of sychronizing the carbs, adjusting the mixture and adjusting the throttle and choke linkages, the car purred at a near perfect idle around 800 RPM, to the delight of my neighbors who probably don't love the headers and straight pipe exhaust (which have GOT to go.)
So while there is not much to SEE a lot got done. I did polish another trim ring and some more lug nuts but I'll post those pics after the wheels are painted.
Finally, the car went on it's maiden voyage. The engine ran very well, the clutch holds solid and the transmission shifted just fine. The rear end has a slight bit of play in it which I think thrust washers will remedy. The back end is not great, the front end is HORRIBLE. It needs new bushings, and shocks for starters. Then we can go from there, but for right now it handles more like a boat than a car.

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